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The Juniper Spoon is a unique whole foods catering service in Central Indiana.  We create fresh and inspired dishes for large and small events.  We focus on hand-crafted food using original recipes influenced by traditional dishes.

The Juniper Spoon is a family-run business. Chef Lali Hess and her husband Doug Miller raise organic fruits and vegetables for the kitchen.   Our 5-acre homestead in Montgomery County is surrounded by family farms raising healthy meats and produce and we are committed to bringing this fresh taste of Indiana to you.  Buying locally strengthens the local economy and supports a healthy bioregion—plus fresh food just tastes better.

The Juniper Spoon is a full-service catering company.  We offer a full range of hors d’oeuvres, lunches, dinners and brunches, including ethnic cuisine and vegetarian dishes.  We can provide everything from a team of skilled servers to our fresh-cut flower arrangements, making your event unique and elegant.